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Davey Resource Group to Map Stowe Electric System

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Davey Resource Group (DRG) contractors are completing a GIS verification and inventory of Stowe Electric's distribution system to update system data to provide improved emergency service during outages and better serve customer requests. These workers are easily identifiable by their bright yellow clothing, and vehicles and ATVs marked with the DRG logo and a Stowe Electric Department identifier.

DRG will need access to SED customer’s property to quickly and efficiently conduct the field asset inventory. Contractors will walk or drive along the route of the Stowe Electric facilities, along roads and on private property. They will need to access the meter location to confirm asset information, which may be in a backyard or fenced-in area. Contractors will not be installing, removing or selling any equipment and will not require access into a customer's home.

Please contact Brent or Michael at (802) 253-7215 with any questions or concerns. Learn more about Davey Resource Group at

SED's system mapping project is slated to begin August 9, 2023. DRG will be starting approximately 0.14 miles South of Topnotch Drive and working their way down Mountain Road toward Main Street. DRG will be seen on all branch roads stemming from this route, but due to the nature of the project, SED is unable to provide an exact schedule at this time and will provide you with further information as the project progresses. Areas in blue on the map below will be the first sections of our system to be mapped by DRG during this initial project phase.


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