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Public EV Charging

Stowe Electric Department owns and maintains nine Level 2 and two Level 3 charging stations conveniently located throughout Stowe. Each station is available to the public 24 hours a day and Stowe thanks our site hosts for partnering with the utility to bring this service to customers and visitors.

Stowe Electric Charging Locations

  • American Flatbread
    1190 Mountain Rd
    Level 2 Charger

  • Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa
    1208 Cape Cod Rd
    Level 2 Charger

  • Stowe High School 
    413 Barrows Road
    Level 2 Charger

  • Stowe Kitchen and Bath 
    1813 Mountain Rd
    Level 2 Charger

  • Stowe Rec. Path 
    Rec. Path parking lot in Village
    Level 2 Charger

  • Green Mt. Inn 
    2 Park Place
    Level 2 Charger

  • Sun and Ski Inn and Suites 
    1613 Mountain Rd
    Level 2 Charger

  • The Alchemist Brewery 
    100 Cottage Club Rd.
    DC Fast Charger

  • Town and Country Resort 
    876 Mountain Rd
    Level 2 Charger

  • Trapps Brewery 
    1333 Luce Hill
    Level 2 Charger

Public Charging Information

You’ll need to download the ChargePoint App to use our charging stations. Remember that most charging stations dispense power equally to each port, so if two vehicles are charging at the same charger you should expect to experience slower charging times.

We encourage you to follow the guidelines provided by DriveElectric:

  • Only remain parked at a station when you are plugged in and actively charging your electric vehicle.

  • The ChargePoint app will alert you when charging is finished so you know to move your EV.

  • If you’re going to be plugged in at a charging station for a long time and are ok with someone else unplugging your vehicle, leave a note on your dash to let other drivers know when it is ok to unplug your EV.

  • Please do not unplug someone else's vehicle without prior permission - they might need a charge to get home, vehicle alarms might go off, and in some cases you may even damage the plug connector if it is locked to the vehicle.

  • When you leave a station please make sure the cord is hanging so it doesn't get dirty or damaged on the ground (especially true in winter).

  • If you encounter a malfunctioning charger please call 802-253-7215 or email Stowe Electric at to tell us.

  • You can also update ChargePoint and check-in at PlugShare to alert other drivers that the station might be experiencing issues.

  • If a gasoline powered car is parked in an EV charging station space, then please let Stowe Electric, the Town of Stowe, or the site host know so they can remind the vehicle’s owner they are taking up a parking spot for those seeking to charge and electric vehicle.

If you’re a workplace or commercial customer interested in partnering with Stowe Electric to add EV charging stations to your address, please call, 802-253-7215, or email for more information.  

Below is a map of all public EV chargers in Stowe for your convenience.

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