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Rebates & Incentives

Stowe Electric continues to partner with Efficiency Vermont to provide a robust incentive program that offers customers rebates towards the purchase and installation of technologies that help reduce fossil fuel consumption. If you have questions or need help with our rebates and incentives, please contact

Efficiency Vermont helps Vermonters live better while spending less on energy. Efficiency Vermont
 provides objective advice, technical services, and financial support to help you create healthier, happier, more comfortable spaces. Be sure to check out the full range of rebates offered through Efficiency Vermont by visiting 


Our new e-bike program was successfully launched in 2021. Stowe Electric will continue to offer a rebate for the purchase a qualifying Class 1 e-bike.

Electric Vehicles

Vermonters travel a lot by vehicle. Transportation makes up roughly 47% of Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions. Electric vehicles offer a real opportunity for Vermonters to cut their fossil fuel usage and cost less to operate and maintain than a traditional vehicle. Thankfully, the State of Vermont and Stowe Electric are offering incentives that will help make the switch to an EV a little more affordable. Switching to an EV will help to cut your emissions and the cost of your commute.

Electric Yard Equipment

Stowe Electric customers that purchase a qualifying residential or commercial lawnmower may be eligible to receive a direct rebate of $75 for a residential or up to $1,000 for a commercial lawnmower. 

Equitable Opportunity

In addition to each incentive offering, income eligible customers are eligible for an additional monetary incentive to encourage the installation and purchase of electrification technologies. 

Heat Pumps

Decarbonizing Vermonters' heating needs will help us exceed Vermont's carbon emissions reduction goals. Heat pumps, mini-split or cold climate heat pumps, air-to-water, heat-pump water heaters, ground-sources (geothermal) and whole building heat pumps, are used to cut reliance on heating oil or propane.

Induction Cooktops

Unlike gas and electric cooktops, which use an open flame or heating element, induction cooking uses electromagnetic energy to heat pots and pans directly. Induction cooking uses less carbon and is safer and faster than either gas or electric.

Public EV Charging Stations

Stowe Electric is offering a rebate for Level 2 or Level 3 DC Fast Charging (DCFC) EV charging stations that are installed at a workplace, public building or parking lot, or commercial location and available for customers, visitors, and public users.


Modernizing or updating the weatherization of your home or office is an important step to maximize the benefits of electrification projects or solar generation and reduce fossil fuel consumption. Weatherization can reduce heating, cooling, and electricity costs, improve the comfortability and indoor air quality of your rooms, and can add value to your property.

Wood & Pellet Heating

Wood stoves burn cut, seasoned cord wood, and are widely used around Vermont. Wood is renewable, local, and affordable. Modern woodstoves enjoy high average efficiency ratings, lower emissions than older models, and more heating capacity.

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