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Power Supply

Stowe Electric follows the Vermont Renewable Energy Standard (30 V.S.A. § 8002-8005), which was established by the legislature and governs power supply requirements for all distribution utilities within the state of Vermont.

Stowe Electric’s power portfolio was 80% renewable in 2021 and 82% in 2022. Much of our contracted power comes with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) which are used to track renewability in electric markets. Some were high-value Class I RECs which we sold (e.g. McNeil and Ryegate biomass plants). We then offset those sales by purchasing lower-value Class II RECs which we use to meet the Vermont RES targets. This approach allows Stowe Electric to continue to increase our renewable power supply while also limiting the impact on cost.

Additional information on power supply can be found through the following resources:

2022 power mix.png
2022 res forecast.png
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