Stowe Electric is offering its customers rebate incentives towards the purchase of cold-climate heat pumps and electric vehicles in 2019. See below for details.



Vermonters' heating needs make up a large portion of the state’s carbon emissions. Cold-climate heat pumps can be used to cut the reliance on heating oil or propane as they will work down to sub-zero temperatures to help heat your home. Click here to learn more about heat pumps from Efficiency Vermont.

To receive a $575 rebate from Stowe Electric towards the cost of a cold climate heat pump,   just complete and submit this form.

Unsure if a cold-climate heat pump is right for you? Click here for Efficiency Vermont’s answers to some common questions. Or call Efficiency Vermont at (888) 921-5990, or call Stowe Electric at (802) 253-7215.

Ready to take the next step?

Click here for Efficiency Vermont’s lists of certified installers.

Click here for a list of products that qualify.

8 ways to NOT use a heat pump.



Vermonters travel a lot by vehicle. Transportation makes up roughly 44% of Vermont’s green house gas emissions. Electric vehicles offer a real opportunity for Vermonters to cut their fossil fuel usage and save money on their commute.

Stowe Electric is offering the following incentives for these vehicles. To receive your rebate from Stowe Electric,just complete and submit this form.

Plug-in Hybrid    $450

All-Electric         $850

Income-qualifying Stowe Electric customers will also be eligible for an additional $250 towards to purchase of either type of vehicle.

Stowe Electric customers are also eligible for $5,000 off of a Nissan LEAF. Just print this flyer and bring it to the Nissan dealer with a copy of your electric bill. Offer expires September 30, 2019.

Drive Electric Vermont is a great resource to help you decide if an electric vehicle is right for you and have tools and information to help you answer important questions including:

  • Comparisons of different models
  • Estimate how much owning an operating an AEV or PHV would cost compared to a gas vehicle
  • The other benefits of electric vehicle ownership
  • Find public charging stations across the state


Act 56, passed by the Vermont Legislature in 2015, set targets for electric utilities to assist their customers to transition from fossil fuels. For small municipal electric utilities like Stowe Electric, the requirement starts in 2019 at 2 percent of electricity sales and increases every year to 10.66 percent by 2032.


Click here to read Stowe Electric’s 2019 Plan.

The mission of Stowe Electric Department, a progressive municipal electric utility, is to provide its customers with dedicated, professional service in the most cost effective manner.


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