2022 Tier 3 Energy Transformation Incentive Program

Stowe Electric again will partner with Efficiency Vermont to provide a robust 2022 incentive program. Stowe Electric will offer customers a range of rebates and discounts towards the purchase and installation of technologies to help reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Some of our rebates have changed to a point of purchase incentive with an additional post-purchase utility rebate or income-eligible adder.

Customers eligible for rebates of $600 or more will need to submit a W-9 form with the rebate application.


Decarbonizing Vermonters' heating needs will help us exceed state's carbon emissions reduction goals. Heat pumps, mini-split or cold climate heat pumps, air-to-water, heat-pump water heaters, ground-sources (geothermal) and whole building heat pumps, are used to cut reliance on heating oil or propane.

Stowe Electric provides different rebates for Heat Pump technology. 

stowe electric ductless heat pump program

In 2022, Stowe Electric is offering an additional $250.00 after-purchase rebate for eligible ductless heat pumps installed at residential or small-commercial customer’s addresses. Customers must use a participating HVAC contractor to receive this rebate and are limited to no more than 2 condenser units per year per customer. Just complete and submit this form with your proof of purchase to receive your rebate from Stowe Electric.

Customers will receive an additional point-of-sale rebate through Efficiency Vermont and Stowe Electric’s joint offering (below) for each eligible heat pump purchased and installed in 2022.

Stowe Electric Department and Efficiency Vermont Joint Heat Pump Program

Through our partnership with Efficiency Vermont, customers that purchase a qualified ductless or ducted cold climate heat pump, air-to-water heat pump, heat-pump water heater, whole-building heat pump, and ground-source (geothermal) heat pump are eligible for a point-of-sale discount.

Please visit Efficiency Vermont for more information: https://www.efficiencyvermont.com/products-technologies/heating-cooling-ventilation/heat-pumps

Efficiency Vermont is also offering an additional bonus for income-eligible Vermonters. You can find more information on the Efficiency Vermont website:  https://www.efficiencyvermont.com/services/income-based-assistance. 

Additional information

Unsure if a cold-climate heat pump is right for you? See Efficiency Vermont’s answers to some common questions. Call Efficiency Vermont at (888) 921-5990, or call Stowe Electric at (802) 253-7215 to speak to a representative.

Ready to take the next step?

Learn more about heat pumps from Efficiency Vermont.

Search Efficiency Vermont’s list of certified installers.

Search and compare qualifying products at Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships.

Learn the top eight ways to NOT use a heat pump (PDF)

electric vehicles

Vermonters travel a lot by vehicle. Transportation makes up roughly 47% of Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions. Electric vehicles offer a real opportunity for Vermonters to cut their fossil fuel usage and cost less to operate and maintain than a traditional vehicle.

Thankfully, the State of Vermont and Stowe Electric are offering incentives that will help make the switch to an EV a little more affordable. Switching to an EV will help to cut carbon and the cost of your commute. 

stowe electric after purchase incentive

Just complete and submit this form with your proof of purchase to receive your rebate from Stowe Electric. 

Stowe Electric is offering the following incentives toward electric vehicles.

Purchase/Lease Rebates for New EVs

                Purchase Rebates for Pre-Owned EVs

$750 or $1,000 All-Electric1

$300 All-Electric

$750       Plug-In Hybrid

$300 Plug-In Hybrid

1New All-Electric Vehicles with an MSRP price over $40,000 are eligible for a $750.00 rebate. New All-Electric Vehicles with an MSRP of less than $40,000 are eligible for a $1,000.00 rebate.

Any income-eligible customer who purchases a qualifying new or used all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle in 2022 is eligible for an additional $250.00.

State of Vermont incentive offering

The State is offering incentives of up to $4,000 to Vermonters for the purchase or lease of an EV. Please visit Drive Electric Vermont's website for more information.

federal tax credit and other offerings

You may qualify for up to $7,500 in federal tax incentives depending on the size of the battery and your annual tax liability. There are also incentives available directly from some automakers and auto dealers. 

ev info and resources

Drive Electric Vermont is a great resource to help you decide if an electric vehicle is right for you and have tools and information to help you answer important questions including:

  • Comparisons of different models
  • Estimate how much owning and operating an AEV or PHEV would cost compared to a gas vehicle
  • Electric Vehicle Incentive Calculator
  • The other benefits of electric vehicle ownership
  • Find public charging stations across the state



wood and pellet heating

Efficiency Vermont will offer an instant discount for replacing an old wood or pellet stove. Visit here for more information: https://www.efficiencyvermont.com/rebates/list/wood-stoves and for central wood pellet furnaces and boilers visit here: https://www.efficiencyvermont.com/products-technologies/renewable-energy/advanced-wood-heating.

New high-efficiency wood and pellet heating can be a good option to reduce heating oil or propane costs. Wood heat can also pair nicely with electric heat pump technology. For 2022, Stowe Electric will offer a $150.00 rebate to increase adoption of these products. Just complete this form and submit with your proof of purchase.

Click here for a list of qualifying pellet stove models.

Learn why the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation supports wood heating.

The US Department of Energy explains some of the benefits of choosing wood pellet heating.

Equitable Opportunity

In addition to each incentive offering, income eligible customers are eligible for an additional monetary incentive to encourage the installation and purchase of electrification technologies. Eligibility is based on State income requirements and are intended to support people on fixed incomes facing financial constraints that might not make electrification projects a priority. This offering is to help all customers transition from fossil fuel sources when their financial resources allow. Please contact us directly or visit Efficiency Vermont for more information: https://www.efficiencyvermont.com/services/income-based-assistance


Modernizing or updating the weatherization of your home or office is an important step to maximize the benefits of electrification projects or solar generation and reduce fossil fuel consumption. Weatherization can reduce heating, cooling, and electricity costs, improve the comfortability and indoor air quality of your rooms, and can add value to your property.

Efficiency Vermont offers incentives for weatherization projects, here: https://www.efficiencyvermont.com/services/renovation-construction/weatherization;




Financing options are available here:


Income-eligible customers can receive more information and assistance here:


Federal assistance:





State: Vermont Office of Economic Opportunity assistance and information, 802-241-2453 or https://dcf.vermont.gov/benefits/weatherization



County: Lamoille County Capstone Community Action assistance, 1-800-639-1053 or  https://capstonevt.org/weatherization/weatherization

Town of Stowe Energy Committee offers education and information: https://www.townofstowevt.org/index.asp?SEC=60C56184-B0F9-457F-9201-EF0DA8CB89DA&Type=B_BASIC

level 2 ev charging stations

Stowe Electric is offering a rebate for Level 2 charging stations that are installed at a workplace, public building or parking lot, or commercial location and available for customers, visitors, and public users.

Level 2 stations are eligible for a $250 rebate per charger if they are available to public users, employees, or visitors, but are not networked to any operations and maintenance agreement or fee-based pay portal.

Level 2 stations are eligible for a $500 rebate per charger (maximum of $2,000 per year per customer) if the stations are available to public users and connected to a network with an operation and maintenance portal and/or fee-based portal. These stations can limit public charging to a defined time-period during normal business hours and after-hours.

             Just complete and submit this form with your proof of purchase to apply for a rebate.

If you are a commercial customer or property owner interested in offering publicly available chargers or networked chargers under Stowe Electric’s charging infrastructure turnkey partnership program, then please contact Stowe Electric for eligibility and additional incentives.

EV Charging Info and Resources

Level 1 (120 volts)

  • A charger that uses standard 120-volt outlet
  • Typically, won't require modifications to your electric panels or home wiring.
  • Speak with an electrician to confirm that your home's electrical panel is at least 15 or 20-amp
  • Most plug-in hybrid EVs take 4 - 6 hours to fully charge.
  • An all-battery electric vehicle takes 12 - 24 hours to fully charge.

Level 2 (240 volts)

  • A charger can increase the charge power 2-4 times and decreases the typical full charge time for an all-battery electric vehicle to 4 -8 hours.
  • Will likely require a new dedicated circuit from the electric panel to a wall location near the EV parking spot.
  • Please consult with a licensed electrician to verify that your home has a two-pole 30 to 50-amp electrical circuit breaker panel and Stowe Electric to verify that an upgraded service is not needed.



Click here to learn more about Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment from Drive Electric Vermont.


Level 3 (DC Fast-charging) ev charging stations

Stowe Electric is offering an incentive for customers buying and installing a Level 3 (DC Fast Charger) and is committed to assisting customers with the installation process. Because of the technology and upgrades typically involved in these stations, Stowe can offer an additional incentive as a custom project.

Please contact Stowe Electric at 802-253-7215 if you are a commercial customer or property owner interested in this incentive offering.


electric lawnmowers and lawncare products

Stowe Electric customers that purchase a qualifying residential or commercial lawnmower may be eligible to receive a direct rebate of $75.00 for a residential or $1,250.00 for a commercial lawnmower. Just complete and submit this form with your proof of purchase to apply for a rebate.

Stowe Electric is also offering rebates of $25.00 for residential and $75.00 for commercial customers purchasing qualified electric products such as trimmers and blowers. Just complete and submit this form with your proof of purchase to apple for a rebate.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of electric lawnmowers.


Our new e-bike program was successful in 2021 and Stowe Electric will continue of offer a rebate in 2022 for the purchase a qualifying Class 1 e-bike. Just complete and submit this form with your proof of purchase to apply for a rebate.

E-bikes utilize rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs to power a motor that provides pedal assistance to the rider. E-bikes offer users the opportunity to reduce combustion engine vehicle miles and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Click here and here to learn more about e-bikes.


The mission of Stowe Electric Department, a progressive municipal electric utility, is to provide its customers with dedicated, professional service in the most cost effective manner.


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