Vermont law defines net metering as measuring the difference between the electricity supplied to a customer and the electricity fed back by a net metering system (which is a small generating system that meets certain specified criteria) during the customer's billing period.  The law also allows for "group" net metering in which a group of customers, or a single customer with multiple electric meters, located within the same electric utility service territory, choose to combine meters in order to offset that billing against a net metered system.  In practice, net metering allows the owners of certain small electric generating systems to receive credit for the electricity produced by those systems, above what the owners consume on the premises.

In May 2016 Stowe Electric Department had 40 Net Metering customers.  39 customers had photovoltaic panels in place.  One customer was generating power using a methane digester.

Stowe Electric has filed a new net metering tariff to reflect changes to Vermont's net metering program proposed by the Public Utility Commission.  The new proposal comes in response to Act 99 of 2014, in which the Legislature directed the Public Utility Commission to design a revised net-metering program to take effect on January 1, 2017.

Please click on the above Rates tab to review Stowe Electric's new net metering tariff.

For more information regarding Net Metering in Vermont, including required forms, please visit the Vermont Public Utility Commission's website.


updated 8/2/2017



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