Stowe Electric is offering its customers rebate incentives towards the purchase of cold-climate heat pumps and electric vehicles in 2019. See below for details.



To receive a $575 rebate from Stowe Electric towards the cost of a cold climate heat pump, just complete and submit this form.

Vermonters' heating needs make up a large portion of the state’s carbon emissions. Cold-climate heat pumps can be used to cut the reliance on heating oil or propane as they will work down to sub-zero temperatures to help heat your home. Click here to learn more about heat pumps from Efficiency Vermont.

Unsure if a cold-climate heat pump is right for you? Click here for Efficiency Vermont’s answers to some common questions. Or call Efficiency Vermont at (888) 921-5990, or call Stowe Electric at (802) 253-7215.

Ready to take the next step?

Click here for Efficiency Vermont’s lists of certified installers.

Click here for a list of products that qualify.

8 ways to NOT use a heat pump.



To receive a rebate on your electric vehicle, just complete and submit this form.

Vermonters travel a lot by vehicle. Transportation makes up roughly 44% of Vermont’s green house gas emissions. All-electric Vehicles (AEVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHVs) offer a real opportunity for Vermonters to cut their fossil fuel usage and save money on their commute.

Stowe Electric is offering the following incentives for these vehicles:

Plug-in Hybrid    $450

All-Electric          $850

Income-qualifying Stowe Electric customers will also be eligible for an additional $250 towards to purchase of either type of vehicle.

Drive Electric Vermont is a great resource to help you decide if an electric vehicle is right for you and have tools and information to help you answer important questions including:

  • Comparisons of different models
  • Estimate how much owning an operating an AEV or PHV would cost compared to a gas vehicle
  • The other benefits of electric vehicle ownership
  • Find public charging stations across the state


Act 56, passed by the Vermont Legislature in 2015, set targets for electric utilities to assist their customers to transition from fossil fuels. For small municipal electric utilities like Stowe Electric, the requirement starts in 2019 at 2 percent of electricity sales and increases every year to 10.66 percent by 2032.


Click here to read Stowe Electric’s 2019 Plan.


Stowe Electric Department (SED) commissioned its 1 megawatt Nebraska Valley Solar Farm in August of 2016. It is located on Beech Hill Road on a municipally-owned reclaimed gravel pit that SED has leased from the Town. The project is predicted to generate roughly 1-2% of SED’s energy needs for the next 30 years. It is also located “behind the meter,” meaning that the energy it generates will offset the cost of energy that the utility would otherwise have to purchase from elsewhere. SED secured financing through the federal Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs) program that covers roughly 75% of the interest on the borrowing needed to install the project. This allowed the utility to own the project outright. This allows SED to capture benefits for its customers that would be lost if the project was owned by a third party developer. One of the biggest drivers behind this project is the Vermont Renewable Energy Standard (“RES”) which imposes requirements on utilities to include more renewable energy in their supply and penalties for failing to meet those requirements. The Nebraska Valley Solar Farm helps SED meet the RES mandate that some of that renewable energy come from small-scale generators. In total, this project is anticipated to avoid $2.2 million in penalty payments.  


For real time and historical solar production click the image below.

Solar Kiosk2 

     Lights in the Storm - Stowe Reporter Article

Customer Privacy Policy

I. Purpose

To establish policies and procedures that protect the privacy and confidentiality of Stowe Electric Department (“SED”) customers’ Personal Information and Usage Data, and to ensure that SED's procedures and practices comply with applicable state and federal statutes and regulations. 

II. Policy

SED believes that customers own their Personal Information which includes any information that is personal to the customer, including but not limited to customers’ telephone numbers, email addresses, account information, and payment history. SED also believes that customers’ Usage Data are private and should be protected. Accordingly, SED treats such information as confidential. This privacy policy explains how SED uses customer information, when such information will be shared with third parties, and what safeguards SED takes to protect customer information. SED will not release a customer’s Personal Information or Usage Data except as explained in this policy.

III. Use of Personal Information and Usage Data

A. Personal Information

    • To provide utility services to our customers, administer their accounts, and to bill our customers for their utility usage
    • To improve our operational efficiency and to provide our customers with better service
    • To contact our customers in response to an inquiry that they send to SED
    • To send our customers information about certain programs and services that may be of interest to them
    • To authenticate and confirm the identity of our customers when they access their SED account
    • To send our customers messages related to their utility services, support and administrative messages, technical notices, updates, alerts, and other information that they request of SED

B. Usage Data

    • To generate billing statements, and track account billing and payment history
    • To improve utility services to our customers
    • To enable customers to see their usage data via secure access on the Internet
    • To analyze utility usage to help customers select the best rate plan or take advantage of programs offered by SED and the Vermont Efficiency Utility (Efficiency Vermont or EVT)

Efficiency Vermont currently receives Customer Personal Information and Usage Data on a monthly basis. EVT may also use smart meter data in daily, hourly or 15-minute intervals to design and promote personalized energy efficiency services. Any customer may choose to opt out of personalized energy efficiency services by contacting EVT at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 888-921-5990. Customers who opt out of such services may still receive services from EVT, but those services will not be customized based on the customer’s smart-meter interval data. Customers who have opted out of these personalized smart-meter-enabled services can choose to opt in again at any time. EVT’s complete privacy statement can be viewed at their website,

C. Third Parties

SED may also provide data about usage and patterns in various formats to Efficiency Vermont or other third party service providers for various purposes all directed at improving system efficiency and customer service. These third party providers will be subject to the legal obligation to treat information confidentially and to not disclose it to unauthorized persons. Examples of such use include:

    • To analyze rates and rate structures.
    • To project usage demand patterns and plot growth of different substations or other areas.
    • To improve our energy planning in order to better design and engineer our electric distribution systems.

D. Data Security

Protecting our customers’ information is a top priority for Stowe Electric Department. We take extensive measures to ensure the integrity of our systems and protect customer Personal Information and Usage Data. We continuously implement and update administrative, technical, and physical security measures to help protect customer Personal Information and Usage Data from unauthorized access, destruction, or alteration. In addition, any account information entered by a customer while logged in to their online account, or that is displayed on SED’s website in a customer’s browser window, is secured using the latest industry standard security technologies. Current industry standard protocols such as Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) attempt to protect the confidentiality of your personal and financial information. The customer’s browser must be capable of supporting security protocols. Please check with your browser manufacturer for details.


Approved by Board of Commissioners - 04/26/2017

The mission of Stowe Electric Department, a progressive municipal electric utility, is to provide its customers with dedicated, professional service in the most cost effective manner.


Privacy Policy

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