March 02, 2022

The Vermont Public Utility Commission (‘PUC’) approved Stowe Electric’s 2020 Integrated Resource Plan (‘IRP’), which provides an assessment of Stowe’s power supply resources, finances, transmission and distribution system, and a framework for the next 3 years. 

30 V.S.A § 218c,, requires each Vermont utility to conduct least cost integrated planning at least once every 3-years and include an analysis of each utility’s generation needs, supply resources, planned improvements, and the costs associated with generation resources.

Utilities file an IRP with the Commission and the Vermont Department of Public Service (‘DPS’) to allow for State agencies to review and determine if the IRP is consistent with the Vermont Electric Plan and 2016 Comprehensive Energy Plan. Stowe’s IRP is accessible on the Commission’s e-filing and case management system under the docket number 20-3563 PET

The PUC approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the DPS and Stowe Electric that includes the following:

  • A determination that the IRP is consistent with the Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan.
  • Planning for the 2023 IRP should begin in May 2023 and consider impacts to the distribution system from beneficial electrification, increased deployment of Tier III energy transformation projects, and forecasted new load growth.
  • Stowe Electric will continue to offer strategies for peak shaving, load management, distributed energy resources, system resiliency, and vegetation management strategies

The 2020 IRP identified

  • The next twenty-year baseline energy and demand forecast adjusted for: disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, behind-the-meter solar generation, cold-climate heat pump installations and electric vehicle adoption, and strategies to meet climate and economic trends.
  • The baseline demand forecast projected an average annual growth rate of 0.3% for net load and 0.1% for peak demand. When adjusted for behind-the-meter solar generation, and cold-climate heat pumps and electric vehicle adoption, the forecast values increase to an average annual growth of 0.9% for net load and 0.8% for peak demand.
  • Currently, there are 11 public electric vehicle charging stations in Stowe’s service territory, which can help encourage ev adoption in Stowe.
  • The IRP includes a description of Stowe Electric’s existing power supply resource mix, which is currently 80% carbon free generation.
  • The future energy resource decisions will continue to meet Vermont renewable energy requirements - referred to as Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III.
  • Stowe Electric satisfies the Tier II requirement through its 1 MW Nebraska Valley Solar project. Stowe plans to meet future Tier II obligations with banked renewable energy credits (‘RECs’) through 2022 and then rely on a mix of existing distributed generation resources, purchased RECs, and new distributed generation projects.
  • The IRP includes projections and analysis for Stowe’s ongoing RES Tier III compliance while offering incentives for beneficial electrification projects.
  • Stowe will continue the collaboration with Efficiency Vermont to expand residential weatherization, building and vehicle fuel efficiency, biomass heating systems, electric vehicle adoption, and battery energy storage systems.
  • The IRP identifies an optimal portfolio scenario for Stowe Electric’s projected load through 2040 that includes: the current portfolio, additional hydroelectric generation, new power purchase agreements (‘PPA’) for renewable energy generation, extension of the existing PPAs with Saddleback Wind and Hydro Quebec, and a new 4MW Vermont-based solar generation facility.

Any questions or comments about Stowe’s IRP and planning process should be directed to

Ellen Burt, General Manger.

Michael Lazorchak, Energy Transformation and Net-Metering projects.

Brent Liley, maintenance of Stowe’s transmission and distribution infrastructure.   

The mission of Stowe Electric Department, a progressive municipal electric utility, is to provide its customers with dedicated, professional service in the most cost effective manner.


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